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ENZILA Gràfica Experimental…

It is a small but very special space for lovers of handmade things, engraving, and letterpress printing. OPENED was the September 29, 2012 with tremendous enthusiasm and desire to rescue the printing craft. In it you will have a different approach to creative procedures related Technical “Handmade Paper”, the “Engraving artistic” and “Creative print press” as it comes back to this work it all manually running the finish craft manufacturing, leaving the burr on paper. Your printer or manually recorded track and original. In addition to merging processes where it is feasible to use both traditional printing methods like digital printing to enrich our proposals.

What techniques can MAKE …

Development and Production of Paper Craft, where you have the basic knowledge about the handling of pulps, dyes, Textures game, allowing you to create creative leaf, leaves objectual.

  Introduction to different techniques of engraving, based on the creation of sketches, to create different arrays Charts. (Whether Linográfica; xilográfica, Collagraph or Calcográfica, etc.) … To play and experiment.

  Basic Introduction to Creative Typography, based on their own idea or previous design, you can re-create with our Phones and Equipment Types. Experiencing impressions through PRINT … Experience creating new signs laden texts, images, design and communication.

  Editing Graphic work, which includes (Explanation about different printing methods), and the Inking and Printing Matrices at the Workshop in the case of participating in some of our workshops. The workshop also provides service Editing & Production Graphic Artwork multiple and original. Media and Finishes to be arranged.

  Making custom MASTERCLASSES called “ONE DAY WORKSHOP X” where you can arrange according to our work commitments and according to the applicant’s individual interests. The same consist in the recognition, demonstration work and Artistic Graphic Techniques with eight hours of intense work in the workshop. Ah! No previous experience is necessary to participate ENZILA Workshops, we need to have an open mind and eager to experience com that be guided, is always under our supervision and assistance, which enters a Happy Ending …  A Experience X “a AMAZING of Workshop Day”.

Availability of the Workshop …

The Experimental Gràfica ENZILA space is intended to be Fully Versatile and have many NO METERS! Still, you will feel at home, really comfortable / a, with a nice feel and with tremendous positive energy to create.


REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN! 365 DAYS A YEAR … | Telf. 638794549 | marilú martínez-ruiz

Street/Germanes Castells Nº11. 08700, Igualada-Barcelona-Spain